About Us

What does your heart say?


I you are ever in doubt, listen to your heart.


Even if things turn out wrong, you will know that you stayed true to your heart. 


(our design principle)

Founded in Florence in 1629

About Alberto Rúseti 

Alberto started his tailor shop in Florence in 1629, by making repairs on costumes used in the operas. He soon discovered the lack of quality in the costumes and listened to the many complaints about the costumes being uncomfortable for the singers.

On a beautiful spring morning in March 1630 he looked outside his window at a bird singing from a tree. "If a single bird can bring joy into the world by simply doing what is does best, so can I" - he said to kimself. He then decided to take a chance. Instead of doing several repairs on a costume for a mezzo-sopran with a challenging role, he made a whole new costume, the way it should be made.

The rest is history.

Today House of Rúseti honor the principles, that fashion is first of all is about quality and comfort bound in respect of our historical heritage. We design the future fashion while we with humility, carefully listen to our legacy. Whatever we do must come from the heart



“If a single bird can bring joy into the world by simply do what is does best, so can I"

Alberto Ruesti

Florence 1630